The Table

Triangle / RDU: The location of our community members

Group chats: The place where women connect, converse and make plans for gathering in-person. Get togethers may be public (Live After 5 or downtown festivals), private (movie nights or potluck dinners), or for the purpose of doing good/volunteerism.

Zip codes: The manner in which our group chats are broken into smaller sections within the community which promotes connection between women who live near one another.

Community: The experience of comradery; one cares for the whole and the whole cares for the one   

Goodwill: A shared value, to provide a helping hand and seek opportunities to do so

Hospitality: A practice we enjoy or seek to grow in, welcoming others into our home for conversation, a drink or bite to eat

Friendship: The gift of having someone who is familiar and consistent in our lives. Each of us believes female connection is invaluable.

Three or Four: The recommended number of individuals when gathering informally and for the first time

Kindness: A key component of our community; how we engage the world and people around us

You: A unique female who is welcome to our fold, a community of caring and creative women


Importance of the Table

Our community and its name is rooted in the significance and love that can be found around every kitchen table.

“…there is no better way to get out the kinks in the human spirit, or heal the rifts in a family, or unwind the twists in the
order of the universe, than to bring on the table.”
Leonard Sweet, “From Tablet to Table”

“When we haven’t the time to listen to each other’s stories, we seek out
experts to tell us how to live. The less time we spend together at the kitchen table, the
more how-to books appear in the stores and on our bookshelves. But reading such books is about a very different thing than listening to someone’s lived experience. Because we have stopped listening to each other we may even have forgotten how to listen. Thus we may have stopped learning how to recognize meaning and how to fill ourselves from the ordinary events of our lives. We have become solitary: readers and watchers rather than sharers and participants.”
Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

“Wonderful things unfold when we share pieces of ourselves and a place at our table.”
-Renee Smith, TheTableRDU

New Friendships

A Better Friend-Making Experience

Seek ladies who live near you (i.e. same zip code or <7 miles away)

After connecting on-line, meet in-person within 2 weeks.

Make your meeting a group event (3-4 ladies).

Have a predetermined start and end time.

Employ 1 meaningful activity. See examples here.

Have a second event within 2 weeks of the first.

For friendship to happen someone has to be brave.

So be brave.

Author of Platonic, Dr. Marisa G. Franco, quoting her niece

Intentions & Action

Words of Wisdom

Your friends become your ecosystem. When you make them, you are putting more daisies into your life. You are putting more birds in the trees.
Life has shown me that strong friendships are most often the result of strong intentions. Your table needs to be deliberately built, deliberately populated, and deliberately tended to. 
Not only do you have to say I am curious about you to someone who might be a friend, but you should also invest in that curiosity—setting aside time and energy for your friendship to grow and deepen, privileging it ahead of the things that will pile up and demand your attention in ways that friendship seldom does.

Michelle Obama